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Your product is the new Media

Contactless Technologies open new opportunities to communicate with your clients.

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We are your I.o.T (Internet of Things) partner able to turn your product into an innovative communication tool.

"Tap here"

The new gesture of the next decade

Think about...

Any new generation smartphone is enabled to read NFC (Near Field Communication) chips.

NFC = Contactless

Tapping product is going to be the advanced level of interaction between brands and consumers.

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Floating smartphone with a shadow bellow

The new product revolution!

How it works

Your Product is the new media!
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Your marketing campaigns have never been so simple to set and effective in R.O.I

  • Based on the concept of matching blocks of products and contents
  • Scheduling when and where a content should appear
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  • Easily coordinating activities with your supply chain experts
  • Tracking the interaction between your consumers and the product. Anywhere!

The simplest contactless management platform in the market

Activate Your Product

for any of your communication needs in any industry

Content Marketing



Live streaming



Customer service

Instructions of use

Video campaigns




We impact any 'product-based' industry:
  • Fashion
  • Design
  • Luxury
  • Wine & Spirits
  • FMCG
  • Domestic appliances
  • Sport
  • Entertainment locations
Add your industry in this list!

Time to integrate technology in your product
We are your contactless partner

We support you in hardware and software management by:
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Selecting the right NFC (Near Field Communication) chips for your products

Hardware Know-how
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Integrating the chip efficiently in your product

Hardware Know-how
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Equipping you with our S.a.a.S Platform to manage chips, contents and campaigns

Software Know-how